Drawing the Costumed Figure

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*All class sessions are Live on Zoom. Critique videos will be sent to students each week.

Gesture and Form

When drawing a clothed figure, understanding the way the costume plays upon the forms of the body leads to a deeper appreciation of figure drawing in general. The clothing not only tells the story of the character, but for the artist it becomes a primary way of expressing the form and action of the figure. In this class we will discuss the 7 types of drapery folds, the various forces which cause them, different fabric types/weights, and the way folds can be used to emphasize both the gesture as well as the forms of the body.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME, from beginner to the advanced professional

Homework will be assigned each week, and students will also receive a weekly class critique video covering homework assignments.


Students are mostly welcome to use their preferred drawing supplies (digitally created drawings are accepted as well). Here are some supply recommendations:

Paper: Newsprint (for charcoal or Conte pencil); Drawing Paper; Sketch Paper; Layout Bond; Toned Drawing Paper (if highlights are desired)

Charcoal (“General Brand” 2B); Conte pencil (Sanguine, Sepia, White, or colors of choice); Color Pencil (Polychromos or Prismacolor – Sanguine, Sepia, White, or colors of choice). Color pencil will not work well on Newsprint Paper.

Other: Razor blade and Sanding Pad for sharpening, Drawing Board for support,

*An introductory video explaining the usage of Zoom will be sent to students before first session.


Drawing the Costumed Figure – Not Currently Enrolling Check Back
10am – 1pm Pacific Time (USA)

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