Born in 1979, the youngest son to a violinist father and artist mother, Michael grew up surrounded by the arts. With an early interest in developing his drawing skills, Michael spent his high school years in Los Angeles studying anatomy and figure drawing under leaders in the animation and illustration fields. It was not until the age of 18, however, when Michael first held a paintbrush, that he knew he had found his calling. After studying privately under David A Leffel, Michael moved his studio to Los Angeles, where he now works as an artist and is a highly sought-after instructor.

Known now for his still-life, portraiture, and figure painting, Michael uses a dramatic “chiaroscuro” (or “light-and-shadow”) approach to create powerful and moving paintings. In 2011 Michael became the youngest artist on the roster of Spanierman Gallery in NYC. His works have been shown at numerous international exhibitions, and have been collected throughout the world. Michael currently teaches workshops all over the world, including the Art Students League of New York and an annual workshop in Paris, and lectures at museums on Dutch Master techniques.

Michael is also co-owner of Old Masters Maroger, a company dedicated to producing traditional Old Master painting mediums and varnishes. OMM Mediums are sold to artists all over the globe. For more information, please visit

Spanierman Gallery – New York, NY
Waterhouse Gallery – Santa Barbara, CA
Haynes Galleries – Nashville, TN and Thomaston, ME

The Art Students League of New York – New York, NY
Atelier Artien – Paris, France
Barcelona Academy of Art – Barcelona, Spain
Scottsdale Artists School -Scottsdale, AZ
LAAFA – Los Angeles, CA
Kline Academy – Los Angeles, CA
Carmel Visual Arts – Carmel, CA
Art League of Daytona – Daytona Beach, FL
Patris Gallery and Studio (Sacramento, CA)
Artworks Workshops (Los Angeles, CA)

The Art Students League of New York; NY, NY
Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA
Atelier Prohl; Milwaukee, WI
California Art Institute; Calabasas, CA
Associates in Art; Encino, CA
Scottsdale Artists’ School; Phoenix, AZ
Fechin Art Workshops; Taos, NM
Gallery Americana Workshop; Carmel, CA

2003 – Salon International; Greenhouse Gallery (Jury’s Choice Award)
2004 – 20th Anniversary Exhibition; Waterhouse Gallery
2005 – Art Renewal Center Salon Competition (Finalist, Portrait)
2005 – Young Artists Show; Wendt Gallery
2006 – Art Renewal Center Salon Competition (Finalist, Still-Life)
2009 – Two-Man Show, Michael Siegel/Dan Beck; Waterhouse Gallery
2010 – California Art Club/LA Opera ‘Celebrating Wagner’s Ring Cycle’
2010 – Salmagundi Club, Non-Members Show
2010 – Hudson Valley Art Association Annual Exhibition
2010 – Oil Painters of America, Western Regional Show
2010 – PAN AMSTERDAM Art Exhibition; Amsterdam, NL
2010 – Great American Figurative Artists Exhibition; Waterhouse Gallery
2010 – Bold Brush Art Competition (Finalist Winner)
2011 – REALISM ’11 Art Exhibition; Amsterdam, NL
2011 – Salon International; Greenhouse Gallery (Honorable Mention)
2011 – Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art; Legacy Gallery
2011 – ACOPAL Competition, Finalist
2011 – Contemporary Still-Life Exhibition; Spanierman Gallery; NY, NY
2011 – Hudson Valley Art Association 80th Annual Exhibition
2011 – The Art of the Still-Life; Haynes Galleries; Thomaston, ME
2012 – Small Gem Show; Waterhouse Gallery
2012 – Raymar Art Competition, April Finalist
2012 – The Portrait in American Realism; Haynes Galleries
2012 – Oil Painters of America, Western Regional Show
2013 – Small Things Exhibition, Haynes Galleries
2013 – Raymar Art Competition, April Finalist
2013 – California Art Club 102nd Gold Medal Exhibition; Fisher Musem
2013 – Southwest Art Magazine Artistic Excellence Award; Honorable Mention
2014 – Bright Light Artists Guild; Legacy Gallery; Scottsdale, AZ (GOLD MEDAL)
2014 – The Still-Life: Mundane to Sublime; Haynes Galleries; Thomaston, ME
2014 – California Art Club 103rd Gold Medal Exhibition; Autry Center
2014 – Raymar Art Competition, May Finalist
2014 – Allied Artists of America Annual Exhibition; Salmagundi Club
2014 – HVAA 82nd Annual Exhibition; Salmagundi Club (Helen N. Jacobs Award)
2015 – Raymar Art Competition, February Finalist
2015 – Objets d’Art; Haynes Galleries; Nashville, TN
2015 – Fur, Feathers, and Friends; Haynes Galleries; Nashville, TN
2016 – Waterhouse Gallery Anniversary Show; Santa Barbara, CA
2017 – The Real World; Haynes Galleries; Nashville, TN
2017 – HVAA Annual Exhibition; Salmagundi Club NY, NY