New Online Class – NOW ENROLLING

Constructive Figure Drawing Online

April 2 – June 4, 2020
10 Live Zoom Sessions (Thursdays 10am – 1pm Pacific)
Plus Additional Individualized Student Critiques
$695 – Payable by PayPal or Venmo

In this class, we will cover the entire figure from head to toe over 10 weeks. Emphasis will be placed on a traditional, constructive approach, giving the student total 3-dimensional command of the figure. Sessions will be held live online via Zoom* each Thursday 10am-1pm Pacific (please adjust for your time zone). The instructor will share his screen throughout the entire session, so students can watch every stroke of the pencil. Each week there will be a lecture covering a new aspect of figure drawing (See Syllabus). Students will then draw from reference photos, along with the instructor. This gives the student the opportunity to literally draw alongside the instructor and watch the process live, up close, and personal. After each session, students are invited to email images to the instructor for critique. A separate critique video will be made by the instructor and made available to all students. This is the perfect way to enhance your knowledge of the figure for drawing, painting, or sculpture.


Week 1. Analyzing the Pose and Proportion

Week 2. Front Torso

Week 3. Rear Torso

Week 4: Arms

Week 5: Legs

Week 6: Hands

Week 7: Feet

Week 8: Head

Week 9: Gesture and Rhythm

Week 10: Putting it All Together – Process and Technique

Students are mostly welcome to use their preferred drawing supplies (digitally created drawings are accepted as well). Here are some supply recommendations:

Paper: Newsprint (for charcoal or Conte pencil); Drawing Paper; Sketch Paper; Layout Bond; Toned Drawing Paper (if highlights are desired)

Charcoal (“General Brand” 2B); Conte pencil (Sanguine, Sepia, White, or colors of choice); Color Pencil (Polychromos or Prismacolor – Sanguine, Sepia, White, or colors of choice). Color pencil will not work well on Newsprint Paper.

Other: Razor blade and Sanding Pad for sharpening, Drawing Board for support,

*An introductory video explaining the usage of Zoom will be sent to students before first session.

PDF Flyer:

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New! Online Private Lessons

Study Privately with Michael Siegel from Home
I am very happy to announce a new way of connecting with my students — online video critiques. If you are looking for private attention and personalized critiques on your artwork, look no further. I use the newest technology in digital art software and screen recording to offer video critiques of your paintings and drawings. Simply submit images of your work, and I will record myself working on top of your image while lecturing on my thought process, creating the ultimate visual and real-time learning experience.

I am offering 2 options for online study: Video Critiques and Live Interactive Private Critiques

Video Critiques:
This is the basic option. Simply email me your image and photo reference (if available), and within a few days I will create a 45-minute video critiquing the work. I will run the image through digital art editing programs such as Corel Painter and Photoshop, where I will analyze the artwork, make corrections or suggestions, overlay drawing diagrams, and paint directly on the work as I explain in depth my frame of mind and approach to the piece.

The critique will be posted as a PRIVATE video on YouTube, where only you will have access to it. The link to the video, along with all digital images and diagrams created in the critique process, will be emailed directly to you. You will have access to the video and files for as long as you want them.

Live Interactive Private Critiques:
This is like having a real live private session. Similar to the video critiques, you would email in your work and photo reference ahead of time. We then schedule a 1-hour session on Skype, where I will share my screen with you as we discuss the work together. You will be free to ask questions in real-time as I use digital art programs to show visually my suggestions, diagrams, and alterations to the artwork. I will also be recording the entire session, and you will have access to the video files.

Supplemental Critiques:
Additionally, after receiving your critique you can purchase further help on the same artwork in the form of a Q&A email.

All materials for critiques should be emailed to

Video Critiques

For each critique, send in either ONE painting or TWO drawings. You will then receive a 45-minute video critique, as well as additional digital images.

Purchase FIVE video critiques (20% savings!)

Reserve a total of FIVE critiques for the price of FOUR.
Each critique includes a 45-minute video as well as additional digital images




Purchase a single video critique
Submit one painting or two drawings and receive a 45-minute video critique plus additional digital image files

Live Skype Lessons

For each session, submit your work and reference photos. You may submit many pieces for a broader portfolio overview critique, or 1-2 pieces for more specific in-depth questions.
Includes one hour of shared screen time, as well as access to a video recording of the session afterward.

Purchase FIVE 1-hour private Skype Lessons ($125 savings!)

Reserve a total of FIVE critiques and save $125!
Each includes one hour of shared screen time, as well as access to a video recording of the session afterward and additional digital image files.


Purchase a 1-hour private Skype Lesson

For each session, submit your work and reference photos. You may submit many pieces for a broader portfolio overview critique, or 1-2 pieces for more specific in-depth questions.
Includes one hour of shared screen time, as well as access to a video recording of the session afterward.

Purchase additional Q&A Email 

Ask additional questions after receiving your critique. You will receive an email response to your inquiries.

Please send all images for critiques to
The higher the resolution of your images, and the more accurate to the actual painting, the more satisfied you will be with the video. My aim is to deliver basic video critiques in 2-5 business days from receiving images. For private skype lessons, we will correspond by email to set up a date and time that works for us both. I have many students, and I also travel to teach workshops occasionally, so you will be notified immediately if there will be a delay for this or any other reason. If you purchase more than one video critique at a time, please allow time in between critiques.
All sales are final, no refunds please.

Technical requirements for online study
Besides being able to email your images, you don’t need much at all. I am making this platform as user-friendly as possible. However, you will need to meet the following requirements.

Video Critiques:
You will need an account with Google/YouTube (it’s FREE)  in order to be able to view the critique videos. I will email you an “invite” to view the video. This “invite” MUST be delivered to the email address associated with your Google/YouTube account. YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN WITH THAT ACCOUNT TO VIEW PRIVATE VIDEOS.

Skype Lessons:
You need a Skype account (also FREE), and either a computer or tablet/phone with the Skype app. Yes, you can have a private lesson simply from your iPad! Please just let me know your Skype username and I will connect with you on Skype. A Google/YouTube account will also be needed for viewing the recorded video session, as above.