Head Construction

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8 weeks – beginning week of April 19th
This is NOT a live course. Lectures are PRE-RECORDED and can be watched anytime. Homework will be due on Fridays
PLUS Additional Weekly Critique Videos from Instructor

In this 8-week course students will learn to understand and construct the head, from the simple large forms down to the individual planes of each feature. Emphasis will be placed on translating each part of the head into very manageable 3-dimensional building blocks, such as spheres, cylindrical forms, cubes, and their variations. We will dive into proportions, planes, anatomy, individual features, facial expressions, rendering of form, lighting, and more. Each session will begin with an instructor lecture, and then students will draw from on-screen reference. I will be constantly demonstrating and talking through each drawing. Each class will be pew-recorded, and the recordings will be made available to the students for the duration of the course.

Week 1: Proportions, Simple Forms, and Planes
Week 2: The Skull
Week 3: Eyes
Week 4: Nose
Week 5: Mouth
Week 6: Ears
Week 7: Facial Expressions/Aging/Anatomy
Week 8: Neck – Attaching Head to the Body

Homework will be assigned each week, and students will also receive a weekly class critique video covering homework assignments. HOMEWORD DUE EACH FRIDAY

Students are mostly welcome to use their preferred drawing supplies (digitally created drawings are accepted as well). Here are some supply recommendations:

Paper: Newsprint (for charcoal or Conte pencil); Drawing Paper; Sketch Paper; Layout Bond; Toned Drawing Paper (if highlights are desired)

Charcoal (“General Brand” 2B); Conte pencil (Sanguine, Sepia, White, or colors of choice); Color Pencil (Polychromos or Prismacolor – Sanguine, Sepia, White, or colors of choice). Color pencil will not work well on Newsprint Paper.

Other: Razor blade and Sanding Pad for sharpening, Drawing Board for support,

*An introductory video explaining the usage of Zoom will be sent to students before first session.

Head Construction Online Course

8 Weeks, beginning week of April 19.
PLUS Additional Weekly Critique Videos from Instructor
HOMEWORK DUE EACH FRIDAY, starting April 23.