Figure Drawing

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10 Thursdays (Aug 27 – Oct 29) 10am – 1pm Pacific Time (USA)
Live on Zoom, plus weekly critique videos.

*All class sessions are Live on Zoom. Critique videos will be sent to students each week.

Gesture and Form

There are two major concepts that work together to make a drawing come alive: Gesture and Form. These two ideas are actually complete opposites of one another; Form is the 3-dimensional mass that gives things weight, and Gesture is the weightless energy, or action, that flows through the drawing and describes what the body is DOING! When the two are put together, something ignites and the drawing takes on a life of its own. Understanding this magic relationship will be the focus of this figure drawing class. The instructor will share his screen throughout the entire session, so students can watch every stroke of the pencil. Each week there will be a lecture covering a new aspect of figure drawing (See Syllabus). Students will then draw from reference photos, along with the instructor. This gives the student the opportunity to literally draw alongside the instructor and watch the process live, up close, and personal. Recordings of each session will be available to the students throughout the course. After each session, students are invited to email images to the instructor for critique. A weekly critique video will be made by the instructor and made available to all students. This is the perfect way to enhance your knowledge of the figure for drawing, painting, or sculpture.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME, from beginner to the advanced professional

Syllabus: In order to teach new and fresh ideas, I alter the syllabus slightly each time I run this course.

Week 1. Gesture and Proportion: The Soul of the Drawing
Week 2. Adding Form: Wrapping and Bracketing
Week 3. Simplifying the Torso Action (Sack of Flour)
Week 4. Analyzing 3-D: Boxes and Corners
Week 5. Cylinder Forms: Axis and Direction
Week 6. Building the Figure: Locking the Forms Together
Week 7. Accuracy: 2-D and 3-D Observation
Week 8. Foreshortening: The Body in Perspective
Week 9. Counterpoint: Appreciating Contrasts in the Figure
Week 10. Light and Shadow: Drama through Rendering

Homework will be assigned each week, and students will also receive a weekly class critique video covering homework assignments.


Students are mostly welcome to use their preferred drawing supplies (digitally created drawings are accepted as well). Here are some supply recommendations:

Paper: Newsprint (for charcoal or Conte pencil); Drawing Paper; Sketch Paper; Layout Bond; Toned Drawing Paper (if highlights are desired)

Charcoal (“General Brand” 2B); Conte pencil (Sanguine, Sepia, White, or colors of choice); Color Pencil (Polychromos or Prismacolor – Sanguine, Sepia, White, or colors of choice). Color pencil will not work well on Newsprint Paper.

Other: Razor blade and Sanding Pad for sharpening, Drawing Board for support,

*An introductory video explaining the usage of Zoom will be sent to students before first session.


Figure Drawing – 10 Thursdays (Aug 27 – Oct 29)
10am – 1pm Pacific Time (USA)

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