Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Teaching is a great passion of mine, and I absolutely love to share my knowledge of drawing, painting and murale design that I learnt online with my students. I encourage students of all levels in my classes, from beginner to the advanced professional. Below you will find my schedule of upcoming classes and workshops.

I am also currently enrolling private classes in-person in Los Angeles. Please contact me if you are interested.

Are you a workshops student, but you want more time with me? Or, are you unable to travel for intensive workshops?
I also offer private online study options just for you.

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Current Los Angeles Classes

Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA)

8 Tuesdays (10am-3:30pm) Starting July 16, 2019

During the golden age of painting from the 1600s-1900s, painting took on a sculptural approach, where brushstrokes reigned supreme in carving out form and texture. This class will focus on a sculptural approach to painting, as well as the “chiaroscuro” approach of the old masters, which used strong light and rich shadow to create intense and dramatic paintings. The instructor will conduct demonstrations to illustrate methods and materials, and the class will cover subject such as:  light vs. shadow, painting as a sculptural language of brushstrokes, designing powerful compositions using lighting, value, color, edges, and paint quality, and finally the use of oil painting mediums and varnishes. All levels are welcome, from beginner to professional.

For registration:
Visit: www.laafa.org
or contact LAAFA at 818.708.9232

Workshop Schedule

Patris Studio and Gallery

October 4-6, 2019 Painting the Portrait and Still Life

For more information, contact Patris Miller at (916) 397-8958